A Stoelzle Glass Service


Decoration has become a vital part of the prestige spirits market with more and more customers looking towards decoration to give their product an edge. A wide range of decoration techniques are available to elevate your design to sit at the top of the market. 


Stoelzle Service

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the method where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate to reproduce an image, text or design. This process allows multiple colours to be printed and layered to create more intricate visuals. 

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Printing around corners

We have the equipment, skill and knowledge to print around glass corners while applying a number of inks, paints and techniques to this process. 


Stoelzle Service

UV/Organic Printing

UV/Organic Printing is similar to Standard Screen Printing but uses the very latest technology. Several colours can be printed onto the glass at once.

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Ceramic/Precious Metal Printing

Ceramic and Precious Metal Printing is similar to Standard Screen Printing but with the added capability of introducing durable, precious metal materials such as gold, silver and copper. 


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Accessory Application

Badges, plaques or collars can be added to bottles which can be self-adhesive or glued in-house.

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Full Body Spray

Full body spray coating can be applied to bottles of every shape and size. We use a sustainably sourced organic lacquer which can be applied in a range of colours.


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Acid Etch Effect Spray

The Acid Etch Effect Spray is another sustainable decoration process which provides a frosted effect to a bottle. This method is the perfect technique to achieve a sea glass effect.  

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Vignette Spray

The Vignette Spray process can be used to achieve a gradient effect. Using this technique, we are able to control our paint guns to apply the colour in a way that fades as it travels up the bottle. This leaves a gradient visual between the liquid and the glass. 


Stoelzle Service

Glow in the Dark Spray

We offer a Glow in the Dark Spray perfect for ensuring your bottle is first to be seen on the back of a bar. We use specialised paints containing UV fluorescent or phosphorescent pigments to create a remarkable finish on the glass, illuminating your bottle and brand.

Stoelzle Service

Base Spray

Base spraying entails the application of colour to only the base of the bottle. This technique refracts the light, highlighting unique features on the bottle, while emphasising both brand and design. Care to see for yourself? View our Isle of Harris gin bottle design.


Stoelzle Service

Sprayed Colour

We are able to match sprays to Pantone colours.

This gives you an almost unlimited choice of colour and ensures the bottle matches the brand.

We can match any Pantone colour for brand continuation at its best!

White feeder colour

We can match any Pantone colour for brand continuation at its best!