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Premium Bespoke

Stoelzle spirits has perfected a range of techniques which will truly showcase your product. Our clever design technologies such as embossing and textured glass are just examples of what we can do to help your product reach its true potential. Our premium bespoke bottles, alongside the outstanding glass decoration techniques we offer, make for a prestigious standard that cannot be ignored.

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Stoelzle Service

Emboss / Deboss

Personalisation can be achieved using embossing and debossing techniques

During the forming process, text, patterns, logos, and illustrations can be embossed into glass. This can be achieved in a range of places on the bottle including the base, punt, neck, body and shoulder.

Stoelzle Service


Texture on a bottle can help tell your story and enhance the brand

Adding distinct textures on a single surface helps to create tactility and depth. Textured glass is the perfect design technique to imitate the look and feel of other materials in glass such as water and wood. This elevates glass bottle design without the need for other material mediums. Our textures are designed to be fully repeatable.


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Creating a unique shape for your bottles is crucial to elevating your brand.


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Feeder Colour

The colour of your bottle is key to brand personalisation.

We are able to change the colour of the glass and colour-match where possible. Feeder colour works in tandem with glass distribution while adding great depth to the colour.

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Creating uniform tactility can solidify brand cues.

Adding unique patterns to glass help create character and are often seen to be indicative of premium, bespoke products.


Stoelzle Service


The devil is in the detail.

We can help add the finishing touches, breathing life and authenticity into your brand. We work with an extensive range of bespoke corkmouths and screw finishes.