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Stoelzle Spirits is amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of prestige bottles for premium spirits and liquors. We have an exceptional design team who have expertise in both standard glass and any unique design needs.

Our experienced team of designers work closely with clients, taking elegant concepts and producing outstanding products. All our departments work collaboratively, using our combined skill and knowledge to bring your ideas to life. We know that with premium products, brand and bottle come hand-in-hand and our team of experts are equipped to support you through your design journey. Whether you desire a full packaging solution or simply product development, be it bottle, brand, labelling, stoppers and exclusive touches, we can fulfil all your design needs. 


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Whether you’re a start-up distillery or an established brand, we can help find the perfect glass packaging solution for you and your needs.



Our standard bottle is a simple and cost-effective solution without compromise on quality. Standards are available in smaller quantities and can meet immediate delivery requirements.

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Have an idea for a bottle that’s different to the rest? With our design expertise, state of the art technology and high quality glass, we can turn your ideas into reality.

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We have a range of innovative decoration techniques to offer, giving your product extraordinary visual and tactile qualities.

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